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Capsizing and Alcohol Impairment: Two Major Reasons behind Boating Accidents

Capsizing and Alcohol Impairment: Two Major Reasons behind Boating Accidents

Boating seems to be one recreational activity where risk is minor – with all the waters surrounding the vessel, what harm could befall anyone if he/she falls overboard? On the contrary, like any other motor vehicle, if a boat operator fails to observe safety procedures, then he/she and all other boat passengers will likely find themselves victims of a serious accident.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s record for all reported boating accidents in the U.S. shows 651 fatalities and 3,000 injuries under recreational boating for the year 2012. Though these figures have been the lowest since 2004, these can still be significantly reduced since majority of these accidents are due to acts of carelessness or recklessness by the boat operator and/or passengers.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the top causes of boating accidents are excessive speed, machinery failure, improper lookout, operator’s lack of experience, man overboard and capsizing; in all the accidents due to these causes, as well as those accidents due to other causes, the ones at fault were usually drunk boat operators or drunk boat passengers.

Capsizing is this leading cause of fatality in boating accidents. This usually occurs during nightfall, when both intoxication and the darkness begin to cause the operator make poor judgments, especially while anchoring, maneuvering, or docking.

The major factor behind many accidents, however, is alcohol impairment. Alcohol impairment, according to the the Boating Safety Resource Center, the U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division’s official website, is the reason behind 1/3 of all recreational boating accidents.

Drinking liquor or alcohol while on sea can affect a boat operator’s balance, coordination, vision and judgment much faster than when these are consumed on land. This is due to the overall marine environment, where the boat’s operator and passengers experience the sun, wind, sea water mist or spray, engine noise, vibration and motion. Thus, due to alcohol, capsizing boats and drunken passengers falling overboard have been common cause-of-death reports.

Boating accidents, according to the law firm Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck, P.A., are often due to acts of negligence or carelessness. Due to this, the liable party, including the boat owner and operator face great responsibility is making sure that victims of their negligence are paid the compensation that they legally deserve.

Brain Injuries After Birth

Labor gets the potential to become very hard for mom, who often require the assistance of medical experts, for example, obstetricians. Furthermore, children are very delicate as of this early-stage of development and, therefore, are susceptible to injuries that can have lasting adverse effects on their health and progress. These medical individuals are responsible for ensuring that are dealt with promptly to get a delivery that is safe and securely. Nevertheless, they do not generally provide the persistent care they are required to provide and sometimes produce errors that trigger the little one to endure serious incidents.

Common Causes of Birth Injuries

The website of the cerebral palsy attorneys at the Driscoll Firm says that incidents often result when a young child is mishandled by doctors during supply or when an anesthesiologist incorrectly administers or sees the results of an epidural. These and other faults may lead to delivery injuries and these errors:

  • Applying an anesthetic incorrectly or failing to observe its outcomes – the mothers heart rate could shed, probably triggering brain damage and depriving the infant of air. Depriving the child may end up in mind damage and deprives the infant of air.
  • Jerking on the throat and the child’s arm inside the direction that is same causes harm to the nerves while in the upper arm, which may result in facial paralysis.
  • The injuries that develop from errors like these are the results of irresponsible care that will not be allowed happen or to continue during deliveries.

Managing Beginning Injuries

The nature of the injury may decide if a probable cure is for that situation or only if its indicators could possibly be managed. In any case, maybe you are facing medical expenses that are intensive to aid your youngster, which means you might find it within your greatest attention to contact a medical malpractice lawyer to aid establish if you’ve legal choice to pursue compensation.

Preventing Auto Accidents through Safety Practices for Drivers

Despite the fact that it’s become an integral part of people’s daily routines, there are high risks involved in driving and commuting on the road. Unfortunately, auto accidents are among the leading causes of injury and death in the United States. In fact, according to data from the United States Bureau, there were 10.8 million vehicular accidents during the year 2009. Tragically, 35,900 of these cases resulted in fatal injuries.

Considering these numbers, it’s obvious that advocating for road safety should be considered a top priority, as personal injury attorney in Tennessee may be inclined to do. Aside from the work of government and non-government organizations alike, there are also practices that motorists can observe to meet this objective. Here are just a few of the safety precautions and strategies to observe when you’re driving down the road:

  • Use seatbelts properly: According to the CDC Injury Prevention and Control, correct use of seatbelts can reduce injuries resulting from accidents by half.
    Use car seats or booster seats to keep small children secure: The CDC also notes that due to the increasing rate of children using a car seat or booster seat, the rate of severe injuries sustained by children in auto accidents reduced by 17%.
  • Avoid driving while drunk: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that alcohol-impaired driving have caused more than 10,000 fatalities in the year 2012 alone.
    Avoid driving while sleepy or drowsy: Similarly, according to CDC and NHTSA, drowsy driving and falling asleep at the wheel leads to about 5,000 to 6,000 fatal crashes every year.
  • Drive with extra care during inclement weather: It’s not surprising that bad weather causes plenty of auto accidents on the road. Keep your car visible in the fog or rain by using your headlights and taillights properly.
  • Remain focused and keep your eyes on the road: It may seem obvious, but plenty of accidents have been caused by distractions like talking on the phone. Again, according to the CDC, it’s estimated that nearly one in every five car crash is due to distracted driving.

Clearing the roads of auto accidents might be a big task, but it’s not entirely impossible. As a driver, you should make sure to keep safety your number one priority. In case an accident occurs despite your best efforts, you can seek legal counsel and see what options you might find available. This is especially true if the accident you were involved with leads to injury. Just take note that your legal options may vary depending on which state you live. It’s best to seek out a lawyer who practices where you live.

Zofran and its Possible Side Effects

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can make the long road to recovery from cancer a truly miserable experience. When Zofran was created to help with the nausea and vomiting side effects of cancer drug treatments, it helped thousands of people. The drugs works by blocking serotonin the substance in the body that causes vomiting.

Common side effects of using the drug include headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, or constipation. However, there are reports that women who took Zofran while pregnant are having children with serious birth defects. There’s a correlation between the drug and birth injuries that include cleft lips, cleft palates, and congenital heart defects. Zofran was previously prescribed to pregnant women experiencing morning sickness.

Ondansetron, the active ingredient in Zofran, was assigned a pregnancy category B by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This means that the use of Zofran should only be considered when the benefits to the pregnant mother outweigh the risk of birth defect to the infant. Animal studies of the drug did not reveal any indication that the Zofran causes birth defects. Currently there is no controlled data about human pregnancy and birth after the drug was taken, and therefore no substantial data as to side effects related taking Zofran while pregnant.

Zofran works by curbing the natural substance serotonin in the body. Drugs that are serotonergic are known to cause birth defects when taken by pregnant women during the most important stages of fetal development. The drugs Paxil and Zoloft are examples of this.

If your child was born with birth defects that you believe were caused by the use of Zofran while pregnant, consult a Zofran lawyer in your area to discuss legal options. The physical, emotional, and financial damages you and your child have suffered deserve compensation.

Consequences of Drunk Driving Accidents

Drinking and driving is a criminal offense that can include heavy fines and jail time. The legal term, driving while intoxicated, means the operator of an automobile was over the legal limit of .08% blood alcohol content. Thousands of deaths and injuries occur every year when an individual makes the poor decision to get behind the wheel after drinking. According to the website of the Goings Law Firm, it is nearly impossible for the victims of these drunk drivers to avoid the consequences drunk drivers can cause.

Alcohol is a depressant drug that has serious physical, psychological, and emotional affects. Motor skills are impaired early on when consuming alcohol. At a BAC of .02%, an individual starts to relax, lose visual functions, and have impaired judgment. At .05%, there is slower eye movement and reaction time. In addition to all of this, coordination worsens, reasoning skills lessen, and short-term memory loss occurs when the BAC reaches .08%. A person’s blood alcohol content can continue to rise up to three hours after the last drink was consumed. Furthermore, the hangover effects the next day can continue to impair motor functions.

Every year, more than 13,000 people are killed in drunk driving related car accidents and hundreds of thousands more are injured. This costs the United States over $100 billion each year in damages. There are about 1.4 million DWI arrests annually, more than half of which result in a conviction.

The victims of these accidents can have serious financial and emotional injuries in addition to the physical damages they sustained. According to the website of personal injury lawyers Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, the drunk driver may be forced to compensate medical bills, lost wages, and property damage for the injured party.

A Waco personal injury lawyer can identify that filing a dram shop claim against the establishment or organization that negligently served the drunk driver is also important to keep all parties accountable for their actions. If you were injured in a drunk driving accident, contact an attorney in your area to discuss options to seek the compensation you deserve.